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Threats Grow Each Week

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Morgan Ortagus Joins America Reports

Morgan Ortagus Joins America Reports

Morgan Ortagus joins America Reports on Fox News to discuss how President ​Trump urged our NATO allies to meet 2% defense spending.

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Morgan Ortagus Joins The Evening Edit

Morgan Ortagus Joins The Evening Edit

Morgan Ortagus joins The Evening Edit to discuss the world’s reaction to another potential Trump presidency.

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Why the US Needs to Enforce Sanctions on Iran Now

Why the US Needs to Enforce Sanctions on Iran Now

Senator Ted Cruz is right. For the last two years, America has essentially funded both sides of the war in Ukraine. By not enforcing sanctions or pressuring Iran, their terror supply chain has proliferated. …

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Defending America

The Biden-Harris Administration proposed military budgets have consistently fallen short of our defense needs, even as external security threats mount. Accounting for inflation, Biden and Harris have now asked Congress to cut military spending four years in a row even as they demand massive budget increases for domestic progressive priorities.

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The China Challenge

The CCP is the greatest danger to America since the Soviet Union. It aims to overtake the U.S.-led liberal international order and replace it with authoritarianism that uses military coercion to advance China’s interests. But Biden and Harris’ China strategy is predicated on misguided reasoning with one overriding priority: avoid conflict. It seeks to manage competition with the CCP using accommodation rather than win it with deterrence. And it denies the obvious: that we are already in a Cold War with China. Conservatives want to keep the peace, but we also understand that policies aimed at avoiding conflict often set the conditions for conflict.

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Standing Up To Russia

The Biden-Harris Administration has failed at one of the most important tasks facing American presidents since 1945: preventing wars of conquest on the European continent. Conservatives must not let Biden and Harris off the hook for their deterrence failures. This war should never have started and with the right policies could have advanced a Ukrainian victory. Instead, Europe continues to experience its most significant land war in generations.

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Supporting Israel

On October 7, Israel experienced the most tragic day in its history. Terrorists mercilessly slaughtered innocent civilians, taking hundreds hostage and committing the most evil and unimaginable crimes against humanity. Israel has every right and a moral duty to defend the Jewish people and meet Hamas’ attack with lethal military force. Every nation must guarantee its homeland security and deter foreign adversaries. America must continue to stand with Israel in its time of need.

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The Border Crisis

The United States was built by immigrants. But the failed immigration policies of the Biden-Harris Administration are anything but compassionate to Americans, legal immigrants, and even illegal migrants trafficked by cartels. The Biden-Harris White House is derelict in its constitutional duty and has dangerously exposed our homeland to terrorists and criminals eagerly exploiting open borders. The present surge in illegal crossings and inadequate vetting is fueling tragic rises in drug trafficking, human smuggling, and abuse across border communities. We must restore law and order bring integrity to our immigration system.

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The Threat from Tehran

On day one, the Biden-Harris Administration jettisoned President Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign and re-adopted Obama-era policies that empowered the Iranian regime. Biden and Harris orchestrated unprecedented sanctions relief on the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, providing the regime access to around $100 billion dollars in ransom payments and oil sales—much of which have been diverted to Tehran’s terrorist proxies. These decisions have advanced Iran’s pursuit of regional hegemony, allowed its affiliates to destabilize the Middle East, and endangered the lives of American expats in the region. Even Democrats on Capitol Hill are sounding the alarm on his repeated appeasements.

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