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  • We believe that America is strongest when we fully fund and equip our military to achieve peace through strength.
  • We believe that America is safer and the world will be more peaceful when our allies respect us and our adversaries fear us. We must demonstrate bold and principled leadership around the world and stand up for our allies and against our enemies.
  • We see the threats around the world as they are, not as we wished they would be. We believe we must fight radical Islamic terror groups from ISIS to Al-Qaeda to the Islamic Republic of Iran. We must push back against Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping through words AND deeds. We must expose and degrade the socialist regimes that have turned Cuba and Venezuela into slums.
  • We believe America must re-establish energy and supply chain independence. We must not rely on authoritarian nations like China and Russia for the goods to fill our stores and the energy to power our cars, homes, and factories. We should build, invent, invest, and drill in America.
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What’s Going Wrong

Under President Biden’s failed leadership, the United States is weaker in the world, our citizens are less safe, and our country is no longer feared or respected. Biden and Kamala Harris are embarrassing on the world stage, his administration is sharing intelligence with our adversaries, and our military was humiliated by Biden’s disastrous surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

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It’s Only Getting Worse

President Biden ruptured our sources of strength in the world, making the United States less safe and putting Americans at risk. The world’s cruelest dictators prey on Biden’s weakness;

  • Russia invaded Ukraine
  • Hamas started a war against Israel
  • Iran fired missiles at American consulates
  • Kim Jong Un continues to test Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

Biden’s inability to lead is destabilizing the whole world. Biden is unfit to lead our men and women in uniform, and he diminishes our country’s standing in the eyes of the world.

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What We Need To Do

The United States is stronger, safer, and more respected in the world when we use our leadership boldly, our power wisely, and we first pursue our interests while we protect freedom around the world. Americans want a Commander-in-Chief who appreciates America’s strength and isn’t afraid to use it to make us secure at home and a beacon of hope and moral clarity around the world. Our president should make us proud, while Biden has only made America surrender.

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Our Leadership

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Morgan Ortagus

Former Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State

Our Team

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Gabriel Noronha

Executive Director
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Cale Brown

Senior Advisor
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Britney Dickerson

Director of Communications
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James Coffey

Director of Outreach
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Abby Turner

Policy Advisor / Director of Operations